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Sokoke catsWelcome to the TICA Sokoke Breed Group’s Educational website!

From its ancestral roots in Kenya, Africa, to homes all over the World, the Sokoke is still a relatively uncommon new breed in the organized cat fancy.

You will discover browsing through,the different areas of this site,the Sokoke has quite a remarkable  background, and story to tell…

As well, the owners and fanciers of this rare breed have a dedication to it’s survival and future that is enduring (in some ways  almst amazing), considering the crucial events that had to take place in order to gather the cats and continue on with them.

As we embrace this current chapter, with TICA Registration and Advancement to Preliminary New Breed status, a solid platform for the Sokoke is being built, to continue to encourage it’s expansion internationally. A Village, of sorts, is spreading around the world, with fanciers united in a vision to preserve this amazing Breed.

Sokoke cats are one of just a few recognized breeds of cat that are naturally occurring native breeds.This means that they evolved all on their own,without initial human intervention or breeding selection,They became unique to a particular geographic region, developing their recognizable traits (just like a  man-made breed), albeit through a natural selection process... Because of this, a cloak of mystery and surmisal has swirled around the Sokoke breed since its initial discovery by non-Native  people, and emergence into the organized Cat Fancy.

We do know the Sokoke’s basic ancestry, thanks to the recent advent of DNA research from the Cat Genome Project. We know that the Sokoke shares a genetic affinity with the Cats of Lamu island, as well as the street cats of Coastal Kenya. They have all been recently grouped together into one small branch of the domestic cat’s Asian group. These three types of cat also share genetic material from the Arabian wildcat. The Sokoke has the distinction of having a Sokokes from Kenya - Note the spotted Sokoke, too.

consistent pattern, and set of traits that make it readily identifiable as a breed. It is the only recognized breed (of thethree types of cat) in this small genetic branch of the domestic cat family, evolving in  the Coastal area of Kenya.

Looking toward the future, the Sokoke  continues to grow, and as we discover the nuances of the new and old lines and their blendings, we find ourselves on a mission to preserve and promote the Sokoke. The exciting opportunity to show them in TICA show rings, in Preliminary New Breed classes, will help expand the number of people able to see Sokokes in person, show them, or simply learn more about the breed first-hand.

We invite you now to “Come along on an Adventure,” discover this unique and rare feline, and feel free to "Fall under the Spell” of the incredible Sokoke cat!